Does your website need an SSL?

Ryan RydellAdvice, Blog

You’ve asked yourself “do I need an SSL?”

The answer is YES. You should have an SSL on your website. There are few situations where an SSL isn’t necessary, but even those are better served with one. It really is that simple. The necessity of an SSL is demonstrated by another question: What happens if I don’t have an SSL?

Here is a visual of what your customers could see if your do not have an SSL:

Chrome disable SSL checking for sites? - Stack Overflow

That isn’t very inviting, is it? Neither is this warning in the customers URL bar:

How to Fix "Not Secure” Website Warning In Google Chrome

But, what is an SSL anyways, and why does it even matter? Here is a quote from everbrave: “SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, login credentials, or other personal information to be transmitted privately through encryption. Without an SSL, data would be transmitted from the browser to the web server via plain text, which would leave the user vulnerable to eavesdropping.”

That is the techy side of SSL. Honestly, not all websites have logins, take private info or process payments. But… it’s more than the encryption now. SSLs have become the standard expectation from customers for security. To the point where Google will show an SSL site over an identical non-secure site, just because it has an SSL. This is because they want their customers (the person searching) to feel confident in the result that shows up on their screen.

Fact – Search engines give preference to websites that have an SSL.

Fact – Customers prefer to know their experience on your site is secure and safe.

Fact – You should have an SSL.

You want them to feel confident – so do yourself a favor and get an SSL. RyCOM offers no-cost SSL will our Secured Hosting plans. We take care of everything – let us know if you want to switch to your site over to us.