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The Importance of Encouraging Positive Habits in the Workplace

A workplace can be a positive or negative environment, and if you want happy employees, you will aim for the former. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to encourage positive habits in the workplace. It’s just a matter of building these habits into your workplace structure.


Being healthy is an important part of maintaining physical and mental wellness. Staying healthy shouldn’t be something employees can only focus on during the hours they aren’t working. Being healthy means a lot to people, so it’s a good idea to implement employee wellness challenge ideas your colleagues will like. You can help employees personalize wellness challenges to meet their goals and provide encouragement and fun accountability. This helps morale and builds camaraderie between employees. It can also help your employees stay healthier and more positive about work and life overall, and they will know that you care about more than just their work output. You are taking an interest in them as whole people by focusing on health at work.


It’s normal to need to offer constructive criticism to employees from time to time. You don’t have to avoid verbally recommending a different way of performing a task, but you should use kind words in your interactions instead of negative ones. Notice the things your employees do well and verbally praise them. Make sure that everyone in the office knows that encouraging and kind words need to be the norm, and don’t spread negative energy by using words to cut people down or gossip.


All of your employees may have different positions, but your company should have universal goals that bind everyone together. Keep these goals positive and stress the importance of each person doing their job to meet them. When everyone feels like they are a part of the team and working as a group, it builds an environment of teamwork and support as opposed to competition and isolation. Your goal is to communicate the company’s goals to everyone and to emphasize the importance of each person who works for you. Remind employees of the goals periodically or put up an actual chart where progress can be seen by all. When one goal is met, put up a new one for everyone to aim for in the upcoming days.

Creating a positive work environment simply involves good habits. Set up good habits from the start and follow through with your employees to create a place that everyone loves to work.

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Ryan Rydell Named to Rockford Chamber’s 40 Leaders Under 40

We are excited to announce that Ryan Rydell has been named to the Rockford Chamber’s 2019 list of 40 Leaders Under 40. The Chamber announced the list at a reception in Rockford on Nov. 7th. Ryan received the award after numerous nominations were sent in his honor, citing his contributions to the community and his professional success over the last decade.

In addition to being the fearless leader here at RyCOM, Ryan serves his community in numerous capacities. He is head of Stateline Baseball, a community baseball league for youth between 4 and 15 years old. He has grown the league into a year-round program with over 800 participants. At HCHS, Ryan works with the IncubatorEDU program as a coach and mentor and sits on the strategic planning committee. He served on the Rockton Chamber board for 4 years, with his vision and leadership helping to form the Stateline Chamber in Jan. 2016, where he served as VP for 2 more years and remains an Ex-Officio member of the board and volunteers on several committees.

In discussing the creation of the Stateline Chamber, Ryan said:

“Merging the Rockton and Roscoe Chambers was one of the toughest things I’ve done. I did my research on what stopped the two previous attempts and learned it was an issue of personalities and failed expectations. We had to make sure everyone knew their voice was heard. I am happy to have been a part of the team that made it happen. The merger was long overdue.”

Ryan’s efforts with Stateline Baseball can sometimes go under-appreciated, but he sees things differently:

“During spring and summer months, it’s by no exaggeration a second full- time job for me. The pay? The look of excitement when players walk on the field for the first time. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Rydell is currently forming the Midwest Youth Baseball Council in an effort to bring area programs together so they can all learn & grow together by pooling their resources, ideas, and efforts. He also formed Roscoe/Rockton’s first Adult Softball league this past summer.

Other community contributions credited to Rydell include the rebranding of the Rockton Christmas Walk, helping plan and execute the Hanz Brew Fest, the creation of the Rockton River Market, and sitting on numerous referendum campaign committees. His work is even more inspiring when you find out that he has done all this after a 2009 fire destroyed his home, motivating him to start RyCOM in 2011 while helping to raise his 3 kids. All 3 of Ryan’s children are currently attending Hononegah Community High School.

The Rockford Chamber has presented this recognition only 2 other times in the last 10 years, 2010 and 2016. There are many amazing people that have received this honor over the years and we are truly proud to have Ryan among them.

For a full list of the 40 Leaders Under 40, visit


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Facebook Messenger & How to Use it in Your Business

Throughout the online space and even in the brick and mortar business world, the current trend in marketing is Facebook ads. Articles after articles state that Facebook ads are the only way to communicate effectively with your customers, but what if we told you that there is also another way. The often-overlooked Facebook Messenger app can be a really effective tool to incorporate into your business. Whether you need an additional hand with your customer service or simply looking for a new medium for all your customer support needs, the Facebook Messenger may be the tool you need. The following list details just exactly how you can accomplish this by incorporating Facebook Messenger into your marketing arsenal.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Before we delve too deep into the benefits of Facebook Messenger, we first need to understand what it is. Throughout the years, Facebook Messenger has grown from simply being a medium for you to instantly communicate with your friends or family to an all-out state of the art marketing hub. Messenger has recently provided business users with the ability to exchange funds, share private messages with customers and distributors alike. Although the platform is rather easy to work with, it is only as effective as your intentions and execution.

A Familiar Platform for Customers

We spoke earlier about the ease of communicating with your customers through Facebook Messenger. This benefit is rooted in the understanding and familiarity the customer has with the app before they had even considered purchasing from your company. This is why many companies are now seeking to make this their primary form of communication. Over 126 million Americans use Facebook Messenger, so communicating with your customers through a familiar platform can help you better connect with them. All this makes issues such as customer support that much easier as you can quickly look up who sent you what and what your previous messages were like.

Is it Right for Your Business?

Most companies, before even dabbling on Facebook Messenger, you may already have an established form of communication with their customers. However, what often makes business leaders seek new forms of communication in the presence of a recurring issue within their current communication medium. Understandably, business leaders may have some reservations about moving their communication to Facebook Messenger. One of the things you want to keep in mind is the work that it takes to maintain a positive line of communication with your customers. Questions such as can you keep up with the workload, are all your company devices set for the messenger app and so on. Facebook Messenger is a great tool for any business, but the right plan for executing right must be performed prior to the addition of the app.

How Do You Manage All the Alerts?

It’s understandable to be a little unsure about your ability to handle every single message that comes into your business mobile phone or computers. After all, your goal is to provide your customers with the absolute best customer service, and rushing things may not be the best of ideas. Therefore, we highly recommend incorporating bot technology into your business Facebook Messenger. What exactly are bots? Bots are essentially a virtual assistant. They answer common questions such as contact information or return policies. This is extremely helpful as it only then sends you a notification regarding the most serious of cases.

How Can You Market with Facebook Messenger?

According to Facebook statistics, there are currently over 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger all over the world. This, of course, is a dream number for any company seeking to market their business through Facebook Messenger. However, it’s not as easy as simply sending out a bunch of ads to people. One of the best approaches to marketing through Facebook Messenger for any business is to deliver your email content through Facebook Messenger rather than through an email. Email can be an effective manner of marketing, but it has a lower open rate than Facebook Messenger. Your content through Facebook Messenger can have a higher rate of being opened as it is seen through a platform that customers are already using. As long as you don’t take them too far from Facebook, you can expect to see great results from your marketing.

Incorporating Facebook Messenger to your business may sound like a total overhaul of your communication line, but by taking the right approach and executing it properly, you can make it a very beneficial part of your company. Like any business decision, any and all concerns must be taken into consideration before applying this into your day to day business. Simply adhere to the list above in order to formulate the right plan of attack, implementation, and deliverance of this helpful communication medium.

If you need help incorporating social media tools into your business, RyCOM Creative Corp. can help! Contact us to learn more.

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