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3 Keys to a Successful Fundraiser

Fundraising is a way to both gain monetary support as well as moral support from consumers and entrepreneurs. Before you decide to start a fundraising campaign, you need a strategic plan to get you to your goals. Here are 3 ways that will make the company fundraising more appealing to your supporters.

Have a Supportable Endeavor

In order to gain support for your fundraising campaign, you need to make sure that your cause is a supportable endeavor. npEngage describes a supportable endeavor as something that will inspire people, as well as stir positive emotions within the people who are supporting you. Make sure your organization strives for good in some way, such as donating a portion of the funds to a village in a third world country. If the company or product you are trying to fund has the potential to impact the world for good, most people will be more than happy to support you.

Have a Branded Product

In the business of fundraising, it is wise to raise money for a product that has procured some type of credibility in its lifetime. The best way is to brand your product before raising money or promoting it any further. Simply Sheets Fundraising suggests that branded products are easier for customers to find reviews and information on. The more your customer or supporter knows about the products, the more inclined they will be to give you their money. Fundraising companies in the heat of raising money should strive to answer all questions that people might have about the product, as well as fully develop their product. The product needs to be recognizable and familiar with the minds of your supporters.

Set Goals

JustGiving explains that setting goals during a fundraising campaign is essential. Instead of having one large goal, try breaking the large goal into smaller ones. This type of fundraising actually works on the brains of supporters in wild ways. When they see a goal that seems attainable, and they support that goal monetarily, the supporter will feel like they single handedly helped make a dent in the company’s fundraising goal. Reaching smaller goals before reaching larger goals also boosts company morale. It keeps spirits raised and encourages the employees in the company to think that the funds will be met.

Fundraising is a tricky business, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Before you head out to conquer the world of fundraising, make sure you follow the strategic steps in this article. Not only will these steps add value to your products and/or company, but you may find that you will reach your goals quickly.

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3 Ways to Make Sure Your Office Meeting Runs Smoothly

Many people often dread having to attend meetings that are scheduled by managers and supervisors due to the interruption that it causes in their busy schedules. For supervisors, they may not receive the attention that they expect from their employees when everyone is in the same room, which can make it feel like a waste of time. If you want to make your meeting run smoothly and have it be productive, there are a few important tips to follow.

Gather Supplies Well Beforehand

Whether you’re presenting to an audience or are allowing an employee to lead the meeting, it’s essential to have the necessary supplies on hand to ensure that the time is used well and that the person speaking can communicate their message effectively. You may need to purchase a projector screen, a projector, a microphone, a whiteboard, laser pointers, and a mouse. Providing your employees with notepads can also allow them to retain more information and help them to remain engaged.

You can also take notes for yourself to send to attendees as a follow-up on the topics that were discussed to help everyone stay refreshed on the information that was discussed.

Consider Your Audience

Understanding the needs of your audience is crucial to ensure that they benefit from the meeting and can walk away with more knowledge and understanding of the company. Meet any of the specific needs that your team may have, which includes accommodating those who may have impaired hearing. Consider hiring an ASL interpreter who can use facial expressions, signs, and body postures to communicate to those who need assistance. You may need to take into consideration ADA standards when planning your conference, depending on the participants and any special accommodations they may need.

Leave Room for Creativity

You’ll need to get creative to engage your audience, which means making time for brainstorming sessions that allow everyone to participate and become more invested. Some companies even allow employees to use coloring books in creative-thinking meetings where they can talk and decompress. The act of coloring has been proven to prompt active listening and can allow employees to multitask during long sessions.

There are ways to schedule fewer meetings and have them to be more effective to benefit your employees and the company as a whole. By implementing a few techniques and using the right supplies, it will prove to be time well spent as a team.

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6 Tips on Making Your Google Business Listing Stand Out

Anyone who owns a business should take advantage of Google My Business (GMB) listings. These free, easy to create information blocks appear in Google search results whenever someone enters your business’s name in Google’s search engine. Because Google is the single largest search engine in existence, and because the listing is free to build and post, anyone who misses out on this powerful marketing tool is losing out potential customers.

Even though it is rather simple to build a GMB listing, there are several essential tips that first-timers can use to optimize their listing and make sure it looks professional right out of the box. Effective marketing, particularly when it costs nothing but a few minutes of your time, is a key part of any company’s overall goals.

Take Your Description Seriously

It’s important to write attractive and accurate business listings. Search Engine Land talks about how Google lets users use up to 750 characters (not 750 words) to describe a business. That’s not a lot of space but is enough to get the essential characteristics down on the page.

Entrepreneurs should use active verbs rather than passive ones and should carefully consider each key word in the description. Think of the way you’d write a resume for an important job application. The GMB listing, when created with precise, strong language, can bring in new customers quickly.

Make a rough draft just to get a feel for the 750-character limit. Try to use all 750 characters and hit every major bullet point about your company. In addition to the essential demographic data, customers want to know what you make or sell, how long you’ve been around, what your product/service line looks like, what sets your company apart from others in the sector, and why they need what you have.

Use a two- or three-person team to go through the first draft and then begin to edit it line by line. After your get all the key points in and it looks sharp, get ready to add visuals.

Great Visuals

Podium reports that profiles with pictures will have significantly higher click-throughs. GMB listings without visuals or photos lack a key component that most online shoppers want. Words on the printed page only go so far. Of course, if you have a storefront be sure to highlight it in your listing, but also include several photos of products whenever possible. Use clear, close-up photos of products as well as a few mid-distance shots so potential buyers can get a feel for the total look of a product.

Respond to Every Review

Customer reviews are a vital link in any successful business’s marketing effort. When customers leave reviews on your GMB listing, either you or someone in your company should respond immediately. Online shoppers read reviews, especially when a business only has one or two on their GMB listing.

Respond to positive reviews in a thankful way. For negative reviews, be careful. Read the comment carefully to really try and understand what the person is saying and why they left the comment. Do your best to respond and, if necessary, offer to correct a noted problem. Otherwise, be polite and factual when explaining why the person might be mistaken or gotten what they perceived to be bad service or a faulty product. If you are at fault, offer a replacement item or maybe a coupon for future service.

Collect Feedback from Family and Friends

Get out of the “business bubble” and ask friends and family what they think of your new GMB listing. Sometimes, casual feedback from non-business professionals can reveal important points about how to improve the review.

Promote Company Events and Giveaways

An active GMB listing is the perfect place to post prizes, contests, awards and special company events. Many GMB listings contain time-limited coupons, which are a powerful sales tool. Gallimore Industries, Inc explains that coupons help marketers grow market share, increase sales volume, sell faster, cultivate loyal customers, and drown out competitor advertising.

Include Short Videos That Offer More Information

Google recently allowed for video upload on all GMB listings. Companies should use this feature for maximum impact. Many shoppers want to see informative videos before making a buying decision. Dream Grow describes how video boosts conversions and sales, has great ROI, builds trust, appeal to mobile users, and can convert even the laziest buyers.

There’s no need to spend hours and hours on a Google My Business listing, but entrepreneurs should expect to spend at least an hour or two on their first attempt. It’s also a good idea to have help. One or two extra sets of eyes, especially when those eyes belong to other company leaders, can help eliminate all sorts of common errors.

After posting the GMB listing, be sure to verify that it went up without a hitch. Do this quick audit of the listing every day for a week or so, and then only check it once per week after that. Whenever any of the details in your company’s basic data change, head to the GMB dashboard and update it as soon as possible.

A GMB listing is free advertising that provides credibility for new businesses and significant marketing reach for companies new and old.

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