3 Ways to Make Sure Your Office Meeting Runs Smoothly

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Many people often dread having to attend meetings that are scheduled by managers and supervisors due to the interruption that it causes in their busy schedules. For supervisors, they may not receive the attention that they expect from their employees when everyone is in the same room, which can make it feel like a waste of time. If you want to make your meeting run smoothly and have it be productive, there are a few important tips to follow.

Gather Supplies Well Beforehand

Whether you’re presenting to an audience or are allowing an employee to lead the meeting, it’s essential to have the necessary supplies on hand to ensure that the time is used well and that the person speaking can communicate their message effectively. You may need to purchase a projector screen, a projector, a microphone, a whiteboard, laser pointers, and a mouse. Providing your employees with notepads can also allow them to retain more information and help them to remain engaged.

You can also take notes for yourself to send to attendees as a follow-up on the topics that were discussed to help everyone stay refreshed on the information that was discussed.

Consider Your Audience

Understanding the needs of your audience is crucial to ensure that they benefit from the meeting and can walk away with more knowledge and understanding of the company. Meet any of the specific needs that your team may have, which includes accommodating those who may have impaired hearing. Consider hiring an ASL interpreter who can use facial expressions, signs, and body postures to communicate to those who need assistance. You may need to take into consideration ADA standards when planning your conference, depending on the participants and any special accommodations they may need.

Leave Room for Creativity

You’ll need to get creative to engage your audience, which means making time for brainstorming sessions that allow everyone to participate and become more invested. Some companies even allow employees to use coloring books in creative-thinking meetings where they can talk and decompress. The act of coloring has been proven to prompt active listening and can allow employees to multitask during long sessions.

There are ways to schedule fewer meetings and have them to be more effective to benefit your employees and the company as a whole. By implementing a few techniques and using the right supplies, it will prove to be time well spent as a team.

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