RyCOM selected for 2nd Round of Intuit Big Game Sweepstakes

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RyCOM has been selected for the 2nd Round of the Intuit Small Business Big Game Sweepstakes. Along with other great Small Business throughout the nation, RyCOM will compete for the Grand Prize, a commercial aired during the 2014 NFL Super Bowl. To vote for RyCOM, visit this link:


Intuit is all about supporting Small Business, and is quoted:

Small businesses drive our economy, but rarely stand in the national spotlight. Small Business Big Game is one way Intuit is giving small businesses a voice and a chance to be admired as much as they deserve. How? By giving one lucky business the opportunity of a lifetime: a commercial in the Big Game on 2/2/14. – Intuit

Its wonderful to have been chosen for the 2nd Round, with as many great Small Businesses this country has.  The competition will be huge, and no matter the winner, the fact that a Small Business will be featured during the Super Bowl is HUGE.  Being featured on a stage the likes of what Intuit is offering would be amazing for me, and help to expand the reach RyCOM has in helping other Small Businesses reach their marketing goals.

All of RyCOM’s clients know the great service they receive, but any of them don’t know the story behind how RyCOM started. In RyCOM’s  initial entry to the sweepstakes, owner Ryan Rydell explains what motivated the decision to start RyCOM:

After losing our home to a house fire in 2009, I spent the next year trying to get back to normal. With a long battle in court for insurance coverage & a home left in ruins, I was not feeling very optimistic.

In January 2011, after losing my job in Sales Management, I took my self taught skills & love for marketing & design and started my own creative marketing company, RyCOM. This allowed me the freedom to focus on family & rebuild our home.

2.5 yrs later, still fighting in court for insurance coverage, I am grateful for what the fire couldn’t take from me: my family & their love/support.

Although RyCOM started out of a need to service my house and home, It is really about how RyCOM can help you.  I’ve seen a lot of success stories with the businesses that chose RyCOM for their marketing services.  Whether it be a new website, a branding project, or a complete marketing campaign, there are some success stories out there. Its these stories that I would like to tell as I complete my entry in the 2nd Round.

Has RyCOM helped your business?  Did you have a positive experience with RyCOM you would like to share?  Would you like to be featured in our video entry?



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As President of RyCOM Creative Corp, Ryan has worked with hundreds of clients on projects of all sizes. His expertise in Marketing has led to countless gains in lead generation, incremental sales, and brand development.