Scheduling Social Posts to Save Time

Ryan RydellAdvice, Blog, FA Marketing Tips

When you first dive into your marketing, it can seem pretty overwhelming – especially if you are a beginner. The concept of thinking of ideas for content, having it created, and then the thought of when to post, how to post, and where to post can almost throw you over the edge. This is why I decided to break down scheduling posts so that you don’t need to scramble when it’s 3 PM on a Wednesday in between client meetings to run to Facebook to quickly post.

What I like to recommend to anyone is the app ‘Business Suite’; whether they have an iPhone or an Android – it should be compatible with both. This app is owned by Facebook, which makes it even easier to post on Facebook and Instagram if that is what you wish to do. What is great about this app is that you can schedule posts from the convenience of your phone and your desktop.

Hypothetically, if you have all the content you want to post for the month (or even the next couple of weeks), using Business Suite is the most efficient way to post. Because this app is owned by Facebook, it is fairly easy to use, especially if you already are familiar with Facebook. However, if you are not, no worries. This is why I am here. When using the app on a mobile device, you simply hit the blue “+” sign and then click “Post”, “Photo,” “Story,” or “Ad”. To make it simple, hit “Post,” You can put your caption in the blank space and hit “Photo” to drop in whatever design you have created. After you are done, hit the blue “Next” button. From there, you have the option to “Publish now”, “Schedule for later,” or “Save as a draft”. If you click “Schedule for later,” you just click the date and time you want it to be posted, and you’re good to go!

As for posting on a desktop, it is a pretty similar process. Go on your page and click the “What’s on your mind?” like you would normally do to post; however, when the pop-up comes up, it should read “Schedule your post from a planner in Meta Business Suite” at the bottom. Click “Meta Business Suite”. This should bring you to a new page. In the top right corner, there should be a blue button that says “Create”. Click that. It is fairly close to the app version, where you will add your caption under the text and add your design by clicking “Add photo”. Once you’re done with that, there will be a blue button in the bottom right corner that says “Publish”, however, if you hit the arrow down button to the right of it, it will give you the option to “Schedule post” or “Save as draft”. If you have multiple posts, you can easily and efficiently knock them all out over a short time by repeating the process.