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The internet has changed the way we get news, communicate and find friends.  Now it is changing the way people find coupons.

Big companies like Groupon and LivingSocial are making a killing in the coupon business.  With billions of dollars spent on products using internet coupons, it looks like there is no end in sight.  These sites offer one deal a day at a discounted rate to its subscribers. Some people think that its crazy to limit consumers to only one deal a day, and Ryan Rydell, owner of rockfordcouponcocktail.com, agrees.  Ryan asks:  “How would you like it if a newspaper only offered you one coupon per day?” 

Rockfordcouponcocktail.com is a new online source where consumers can search local businesses and find coupons that they want.  Ryan says: “People are always looking to save some money, so they usually spend a lot of time in the Sunday paper searching for a great deal.  Now, with rockfordcouponcocktail.com, you can put down the scissors and go to one place to find all the great local deals that you need.  Not just one deal…a whole bunch of ‘em”

The internet has taken over a lot of factors in our lives.  In this case, it seems that it has taken the top spot for how people find coupons for products and services.  Instead of searching the paper or looking through those coupon packets we all hate getting in the mail, sites like rockfordcouponcocktail.com offer a place where just a few clicks get you the deal you want.  No scissors, no paper cuts, no wasted trees.  Just a whole lot of great deals.  Businesses get to save in the process too.  With no printing costs, and more area saturation, rockfordcouponcocktail.com saves businesses money, translating to better deals for the customers.

CouponCocktail.com hasn’t been around for very long, but already has dozens of cities across the nation with their own version of the site. Thats why Ryan is so excited about this new coupon service, because it takes its strength from its local roots.  Ryan, a Rockford native, along with his wife and 3 kids, has been trying to find the perfect way to get local consumers to use local services, and he thinks that rockfordcouponcocktail.com is the perfect “mix” to get the job done.

With a compelling easy to use web site and a strong focus on helping local businesses reach local customers, rockfordcouponcocktail.com looks like it will play a huge part in the online coupon craze.