Nothing To Do In Rockford???

Ryan RydellBlog

Growing up in the Rockford area I’ve heard a lot of people complain that there is never anything to do. I must confess, I’ve said this myself a time or two. However, once I started to think outside of a 2 block radius I quickly realized that everyone who makes this statement is straight up WRONG.I’m sitting here writing this before I get ready for the Wizard Of OZ showing at The Coronado Theater in downtown Rockford. Just 2 days ago we saw Grease in the same theater. Just down the street from that historic building is a great local restaraunt/bar Octane Interlounge, where we plan to have dinner again very soon.  Theres a place called Social that specializes in locally bought goods where we plan to eat many times in the future.

Jane @ Burpee Museum

Just around the corner is the Metro Centre, home to the Rockford Ice Hogs. Go down mainstreet and visit the newly renovated Burpee Museum. Right now, Burpee even has a special limited time exhibit called Giants, that all ages will enjoy. I personally went to the “Grossology” exibit there a few months ago, and LOVED it.

Rockford River Hawks, On The Waterfront, Business Expos, Boone County/Winnebago County Fair, the BEST 4th of July fireworks in Northern IL. Do I need to go on…probably not, but I will. features events like the West Side Pub Crawl, Unity Concert and Hullabaloo.  Up north from Rockford there is a growing Expo in the Rockton Roscoe area called the RORO EXPO.  Looking for some great live music, check out Kryptonite, Big Als, Mary’s Place and dozens of other live venues.

Walk downtown every First Friday of the month.  Go to the Rockford AirFest.  Visit historic vehicles.  Shop at CherryVale Mall.  Shoot your friends with balls of paint.  Golf your day away at one of the nations top 50 courses under $50.  Visit Magic Waters in the summer and Coco Keys in the winter.  Go see a movie made by Rockford artists.  Eat @ Josef Barbados  for some of the best food EVER.

Let me take a breath………….

Did I miss anything?  I know I did, but you get the point.

Nothing to do in Rockford, you say??? Well…I say, get off you but and look around. Rockford has enough for ALL ages…ALL the time.

If you know of other GREAT things to do in Rockford, post em here.  And be sure to share this post with everyone you know so people will get the point that Rockford has a lot of great things to do.