What You Should Know Before Planning a Company Event

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Planning an event for your company can be stressful but if it turns out well it can do great things for your business. If you have never planned a company event before, you may have many questions and concerns about how the event should go. Learning to resolve those concerns and put together a great event will help you to feel more confident in the future as you will have the skills to put together a great event every time you need one. 

Understand the Goal of the Event 

For a business event, the most important thing you can do is to figure out what the goal of the event is. When you choose a goal, it can help you to decide all future decisions in a positive way and give you a good point to look back to if you get stuck. Different events have different goals, and there are many different plans you could have for your company event. Some events are about building camaraderie with your team, some are about bringing in new clients. Some are about celebrating the clients you already have. Taking the time to set a goal for your event will help you to come up with an amazing party that helps your company in the long run. 

Create a Budget 

Once you have set your goal, the next element is setting your budget. Whether you have tons of money to spend or you are looking to get things done frugally, you need to figure out how much you can spend and on what. Generally, your budget will go to things like food, decorations, favors, and the location. You can choose which elements are your priority and then be sure to allocate more funds to those elements of your budget. Make sure that you keep in mind the guest count so that no one goes home hungry or dissatisfied. 

Choose the Right Location 

You also want to make sure that you host your event in the right place. For some smaller, more casual events, your place of business might work. For fancier events, you may want to rent out a venue so that you can ensure that your location matches the tone of your party. There is no one right answer for a good location but there are a few elements you should keep in mind. You want to make sure that there is enough space for all of your guests, you also want to ensure that the space is appropriate for any activities you have planned. Some locations are great for certain parties but wouldn’t work at all in other situations. 

Prepare Food and Drinks 

The food is one of the most important elements of any event your company could host. You want to make sure that you provide food that is delicious and beautiful. It is also a good idea to make sure you are aware of any dietary restrictions that your guests may have. Accommodating those restrictions can sometimes be the difference between life and death. You also want to make sure that you present the food in a beautiful and appealing way. Bamboo skewers add detail to your presentation that will impress guests. 

Choose Décor 

The décor you choose for the event can help create a feeling and get people in the mood for the party you have planned. Fancier events may need more décor, and more expensive décor at that. A more casual party will require less decoration if you include any at all. This is a task that you shouldn’t have to handle by yourself. Delegate decorating to others in your business who are willing and interested in the job. Then give them dedicated time to plan out décor while at work. This will ensure that your event looks great and that you don’t have to be too stressed about getting everything done. 

Come up with Party Favors 

One great thing you can do to help your clients enjoy and remember your event is to include party favors. These favors should be something useful and fun that your clients aren’t likely to dispose of once they walk out the door. Including company branding can help to keep your business on your clients’ minds long after they leave the party. Think about who you are inviting and what they may like so you can choose favors that they actually enjoy. The better the favors, the more positive of an impression you will leave. 

Invite the Guests 

Getting your guests invited is an important part of the process, otherwise, you would have an empty event. First you need to figure out your guest list, so you know who is invited. It’s a good idea to ask for RSVPs so that you get an accurate guest count. You can send out invites casually over email or send out physical invitations if that seems right for the party. The invitations you send will give your guests an idea of what the party will be like so they can prepare appropriately. Make sure that you ask for any information you need and provide appropriate info in your invites. 

Plan Activities 

Some events do not require any activities to be planned while others are really dependent on the activities to work well. Planning out the activities you want for your event can help you to better reach your goals. Sometimes activities will be interactive while in other situations they will simply be a brief speech or an awards ceremony. Whatever you decide to plan, make sure you have everything you need to make sure each activity goes off without a hitch. Also be sure to tailor your activities to your guests. 

Planning a company event takes a little bit of forethought and effort. As you figure out what you want to do for your party you can start making choices that will help your event to be a real success. The earlier you start planning the event, the better chance you will have at great success.

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