How Can You Make Your Office More Comfortable for Employees?

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As a business owner, every decision you make has an impact on your success. Your office space is no different. A comfortable workplace promotes creativity and productivity. When your employees are happy at work, they will be more willing to go the extra mile for your business.

Make It Personal

Adding personal items to their work areas gives your employees a sense of ownership. Family photos, posters, or a few knickknacks keep them connected to the outside world as they work. Periodically focusing on these items can provide a moment of stress relief during a busy day. Personal items remind employees of the reasons they are working.

Give Some Space

The need for personal space varies by individual. However, no one likes to feel cramped when they go to work. Be certain that every employee has enough space to spread out their work materials without getting into another employee’s way. It is also good to have common spaces that are uncrowded and open to natural light. Some workplaces have designated areas that are meant to inspire creativity.

Treat Furniture as an Investment

Many business owners choose inexpensive furnishings for their employees as a way to keep down the bottom line. This will backfire if furniture breaks easily or is simply uncomfortable. Chairs that do not offer adequate support can lead to back problems, lowered productivity and absences. In order to provide the right atmosphere, you also want your furniture to look good. Matching furniture provides a sense of order to your workplace. For color scheme you should know that wooden furniture is made from select kinds of wood, and while they can be stained, the color doesn’t change as much as you think.

Keep It Green

Plants have a calming effect on people. Many individuals feel more relaxed when they have a connection to nature. You can encourage employees to bring small plants for their work areas. It is also a good idea to have different kinds of plants scattered throughout the workplace. Keep in mind that some people are sensitive to smells, so you may want to refrain from fragrant, flowering plants. Another way to give a natural connection is to have windows that look out on some kind of beautiful scenery. Not only will this let in some natural light, but it will also give your employees an opportunity to have a moment of natural connection when they take a break. If you have an employee with a green thumb, you might put that person in charge of creating a beautiful outdoor garden.

Maintain a Comfortable Climate

Finding a comfortable temperature is a challenge. Some people will always be too hot and others too cold. A temperature of 68 degrees satisfies the needs of most people. Using smart thermostats can help you regulate the temperature efficiently, keeping people comfortable and saving you money at the same time. These devices will make certain that the temperature is just right from the moment employees arrive until they leave. Another important consideration when it comes to temperature is how close the work areas are to vents. In the summer months, an employee whose desk is directly under a vent will have a constant breeze of cold air. He or she may frequently seek excuses to get away from the desk and find a more comfortable place to be. Try to keep your employees in zones where they will feel just right.

Provide Healthy Snacks

It is hard to be productive when you are hungry. Employees will appreciate it if you have a selection of delicious, healthy snacks available. A granola bar or a piece of fresh fruit can provide just the right boost to get through a long afternoon. Dry cereals are also a favorite for many people. If you are going to provide food, be sure to learn about any allergies that your employees may have. It is also important to offer gluten-free or dairy-free options if people are sensitive.

When you pay attention to the comfort of your employees, they will know that you care about their needs. In workplaces where employees feel noticed, there are fewer problems with getting to work late and absences. Employees are also less prone to looking for a new job. A comfortable office can be a key ingredient to a successful business.

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