How Can I Be Sure an Employee Is Being Honest in their Resume?

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Lying on job applications has been a big problem in the hiring process for what seems like forever. Statistics show that lying on job applications is very commonplace. At the same time, very few employers take extra time out of their day to fact-check job applications. Hiring managers must take the hiring process seriously and verify the information that is given to them by candidates. Here are a few ways to check if a potential employee is being honest.

Contact Previous Employers

Contacting previous employers is a great way to check whether an applicant is being truthful. Not only does this show if the employee was in good standing, but it also reveals whether they worked there in the first place. Any responsible job applicant should have the contact information of their recent jobs on their application. If no contact info is posted or if any discrepancies are found after contacting, then that should be a red flag.

Verify Skills

Many job applicants litter their resumes with skills and certifications that they may or may not have. To assess their skills beforehand, have all applicants take a test to verify their skills. For example, if your job requires coding skills, then you should give a test that requires job applicants to code something.

A skill test can prevent hiring mistakes. If a job applicant has the skills they claim, then they should have no problem completing the test. Use the results from the test to determine whether the potential employee is right for the job.

Check Social Media

Scanning a job applicant’s social media can be useful in the hiring process. Many times, what candidates post on social media can verify some lingering questions you have about them. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the most important websites to check.

When checking professional social media sites such as LinkedIn, make sure to look at the applicant’s profile and match up what you have on their job application. While other social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are more personal, their online behavior can still be reviewed. Social media posts can often show the character of a candidate. If they’re known to argue and be abusive online, the same behavior may leak into the workplace and affect your current employees.

While doing the above does make the hiring process more time-consuming, it must be done if you plan on hiring the most qualified candidates. Make sure to take the time to thoroughly check over job applications. It just might make a difference.

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