Company Swag Ideas That Will Strengthen Your Branding Strategy

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Company swag has two purposes. First, it’s a way for a company to show its employees or prospective clients that they care and want to be generous. Branded swag also provides a way to advertise a company. If you want to use company swag to help your branding, some products are better than others. When you’re thinking about swag ideas, consider which types of items will be highly visible. Also, pick things that are genuinely useful. Promotional product makers are coming up with some great swag ideas that you may not be aware of yet. Here are some of the most useful and highly visible products that people will love receiving.

Portable Device Chargers

One of the best things about this type of company swag is that almost everyone can use a portable charger. One of the problems with some types of company swag is that the cheaper, less useful ones often end up in the trash bin where they won’t do any good for your branding. Portable device chargers are great because everyone needs to juice up their phone or tablet. And, if the employee or client that you give it to doesn’t need one, chargers are useful enough that the employee will likely give it to a friend or family member.

Tote Bags

In addition to strengthening your branding, giving away tote bags can also be an eco-friendly way to encourage people to stop using plastic grocery bags. Also, like apparel, branded tote bags make for a walking marketing opportunity. You might be concerned that a tote bag is easy to forget about with all of the other bags that your employees own. Make your tote bag stand out from the competition by adding some features that make it more useful. For instance, a couple of well-placed pockets can make a simple tote bag that much more convenient and appealing.

Water Filtration Bottles

A water filtration bottle will become your employees’ go-to choice when they want to stay hydrated while on the go. They’re also highly visible when your employees are sipping on public transportation, and they’re great for hiking and outdoor sports. 

Phone Mounts for Inside the Car

If you choose the right kind of phone mount, a lot of people will see them when your employees park their cars in grocery store parking lots and other places around town. Phone mounts are also very useful, so a lot of recipients are likely to use them. Take a look at some of the car phone holders on the market so you can see which ones are good quality and are ones that people will actually use.

If you want to have a solid brand, you’re going to want to create some swag so people can know about you. There are a lot of great company swag ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing to strengthen your brand. Don’t be afraid to be creative when brainstorming what swag you want to have for your brand! It will really help you in the long run.