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You don’t have the time to waste on something that you clearly don’t know much about – marketing (Just kidding, I’m sure you are thoroughly experienced in all the tactics, skills, and processes to take your brand & marketing to the next level). If you are NOT that person – contact us today to discuss how we can fix all of your problems…

…every. single. one.

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Lets face it – your business needs more of something… leads? followers? support? attention? customers? Whatever that is, RyCOM helps make it happen through our value-based approach to Marketing. We are like having a full-time marketing department at a fraction of the cost.

Other marketing companies force your dollars toward their comfort zones. At RyCOM, we are focused on learning your goals and maximizing your budget and our services accordingly. This is how “we help you get more”. Because if you don’t get what you need, why would you keep spending your money on it?

The RyCOM Story • Rising From the Ashes

Most of my life was spent in sales and small business management. I was good at it, really good. By the age of 26 I was married with 3 kids, and my family of 5 was taking a piece of the American dream when we bought our first home in 2007. Things were going great.

In 2009 I went through some knee surgery and had been off work for about a month when the recession hit the area. It affected my industry, but not nearly as bad as the hit my family took in October 2009 when our house caught fire. We lost almost everything we had. Clothing, furniture, my wife’s wedding dress, our home… and my sense of direction with it. Our insurance claim was denied, leaving me with a family of 5 to care for, a sense of defeat, and a sales management job that demanded too much of my time. We had no place to live, no money to rebuild what we lost, and no idea where to go next.

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Improving your customer referrals is the single best investment you can make in your business today

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