Top 3 Off-Line Advertising Options

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A few years ago digital advertising was seen as a supplemental means of marketing your business. Traditional advertising paths such as TV, Radio & Newspaper had their way with businesses. Today, things have changed. We see ROI differently, and the internet has changed the way business interact with customers. We have seen digital advertising take over as the most effective and efficient means of marketing. However, the internet is not the only medium you should be using to market your business.

Thankfully we still live in a tangible world with lifestyles that take us offline. Any good marketing campaign will be keyed in on reaching people through repetitive and memorable advertising. We have both online and offline advertising to achieve this optimal positioning at a local, national and/or global level.  Online advertising has a long list of wonderful tools, but they can be very tricky to do right. We will look at those another day. Today lets look at 3 of the best Off-Line advertising options available that you should be using for your business.

First Things First

The key to a good marketing campaign is always going to be the people you are trying to reach, your Target Market. So before you do anything, you have to figure out who you are marketing to, and how to best reach them. To do this, get with a reputable marketing company, creative designers, and campaign managers to flesh it all out. It just so happens we know a good marketing company.

#1 – Endorsements & News Coverage

Why pay for radio and newspaper advertising when you can get better exposure through a news article? How many times have you picked up your newspaper with the intent to read only the advertisements? Yeah, me neither. People read the paper for news – so give it to them. If you can produce a product or service worthy of news coverage, the Radio, TV and Newspapers will come to you. There is tons of value in a well written Press Release. Making a new product – send a press release. Hosting a networking event – send a press release. Hire a new Salesman – send a press release. You get the idea.

The same people who share your news can also be a powerful resource for endorsing your business. A good review from a local celebrity will go a long ways. This will only come with a relationship you build with them – through consistent news coverage. Imagine having the local Radio Personality raving about your product on the air – for free…because he loves it, not because you paid hundreds of dollars to make him do it.

#2 – Brochures & Business Cards

They have been around for many years. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: “Business Cards are a great marketing tool”. They are your take home, in your hands, refer back to it, expected means of immediate business information. Just remember that the business card needs to be professionally done, and unique enough to be remembered, and not thrown in the trash. Here are a few tips on how to make that happen.

The same can be said for a good brochure. Give people something to review about your business that doesn’t seem like you are trying to steal their time. TV & Radio advertising can seem like a waste because its set in between what the viewer actually cares about. Its like you expect them to respond positively to your ad when they already don’t like the fact that they have to watch it. But with a brochure, the consumer has to choose to pick it up, they are already showing interest, and by taking your brochure, are invested into getting to know your business.

#3 – High Quality Products & Services

None of this will matter unless you have a great product or service. You can get all the customers you want, but the moment they are disappointed, they become the strongest and worst form of marketing you have ever seen – bad word of mouth.

But a good product or service won’t have to worry about this. Good word of mouth – that is some sweet stuff. Let your customers rant and rave with their family and friends about your product. Can’t you just hear them now, around the bar bragging about your business and how great you are. How everyone needs to buy from you. How its a shame they didn’t know about you sooner. This right here is the kind of Off-Line marketing you want.

Just remember this: Marketing is more than just telling people about your business. Its about how you do business, how you interact with your customers, and how you make their lives better. By using both On-Line and Off-Line advertising mediums, you can rest assured that your bottom line will benefit. Contact RyCOM Creative Corp today to see how we can help you maximize your potential through customized marketing campaigns.

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As President of RyCOM Creative Corp, Ryan has worked with hundreds of clients on projects of all sizes. His expertise in Marketing has led to countless gains in lead generation, incremental sales, and brand development.