Superior Industrial Equipment Gets New Logo & Website

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Superior Industrial Equipment - New Branding & Website

When Superior Industrial Equipment reviewed how its brand interacted with their customer, they realized the need for change.  When RyCOM was honored with the opportunity to work with Superior, I knew the project would have a huge impact on their business.

With an outdated and hard to manage website, Superior wasn’t getting the best out of their web presence. Their old site worked, and had some appropriate content, but the system seemed clunky to the end user.  It was the kind of site that the Superior team had no desire to advertise to their customers.  The new design, which went live on Friday morning, focuses on changing this overall feel so the team could use the site as a sales and lead generation tool they are proud of.

The new site, found @, features a clean and modern design that surrounds their core product lines, and an easy to use Content Management System.  There is no question that the new site will be used as a key player in their lead generation.  Plus, as the company grows, so can the website, with easy changes, updates and additions to their services and product lines.

In addition to the new logo, and other projects RyCOM is working on, Superior got a new logo that better promotes their professionalism and experience.  The blue color and the font type express their forward moving company without looking gimmicky.

I am very pleased with the way the new brand came together.  The company has such a great staff that is so easy to deal with.  I’m glad that their new logo and website will help more people see exactly how amazing Superior is.

RyCOM is currently working on some other projects for Superior, which I am equally excited about.  Updates on those project are coming soon.  If you like what RyCOM did for Superior Industrial Equipment, I can do the same for your business.  Let me know what you need by contacting RyCOM today.

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