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The 3 Ways to Market Your Brand Without a Budget

Building a brand from scratch is a daunting challenge. For any of us who have started a company or worked in a startup environment, this is no secret. Startups are often challenging much bigger, well-entrenched competition, meaning long hours, creativity, and a massive budget are needed to steal market share and successfully grow.Long hours and creativity can be achieved no matter your circumstances, but not every new brand is able to rely on a massive marketing budget. In the case where resources are scarce, which is not unusual for new brands, how can you work to build your brand effectively?

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News Years Resolutions To Improve Your Marketing

This time of year there are millions of people making New Year’s Resolutions that will set the stage for a better year to come. Everything is fair game: quote smoking, lose weight, get a new job, etc. Problem is, many people set resolutions that are either out of reach, or the just don’t put action to their plans. This doesn’t have to be you. You can set some resolutions that can make a real difference in the new year, and that are obtainable too.

Here is a list of some things you can do for your business in the New Year that will immediately improve your marketing:

Spend Less Money On Traditional Advertising

We recently took over marketing for a local event. By cutting ad expenses by over 60%, and redirecting the remaining funds, we were able to increase attendance and social engagement while saving thousands of dollars.

Too much money is wasted away in TV, radio and print advertising. It makes me sick to think of the wasted efforts. How can you expect to see ROI when its next to impossible to target your audience, let alone track how well your ad worked in generating leads? Seriously, Its not 1990 anymore. Your advertising budget can be seriously trimmed by giving a serious look at how much ROI you are getting through your TV, radio and print ads.

I resolve to spend less money on traditional advertising, because I hate wasting money.

Spend More Time & Money on Brand Management

This may sound counter productive – but it works. If you spend less money on things that don’t work, you can take some of the available funds and invest on proper brand management. Most marketing fails because it doesn’t have any real message behind it. When your marketing fails to connect your audience to your brand, you are wasting money.

By investing into your brand identity you build a stronger foundation that future marketing can build on. When all others are constantly trying to find something that works, your solid brand will be turning people into loyal customers. Its kinda like putting your marketing on cruise control. Set the path straight and keep the car on the road – you will get to your destination.

I resolve to focus more time and money on my company’s brand identity

Let A Professional Do It

Honestly, the best business owners know they can’t do everything. You wouldn’t let a mechanic program your network, so why would you expect to manage your marketing to its highest potential? Most business owners fail to realize that marketing is suppose to appeal to a mass audience, not to your own personal tastes. You do what you do well – keep doing that. Let the marketing people worry about the marketing.

Allowing a professional marketing firm to manage your marketing & advertising could be the difference between success and failure, and could even save you money while improving your overall ROI.

I resolve to let go of total control and allow a professional marketing manager to take my company to the next level.

This New Year, I challenge you to seriously look at how your marketing has been working out. You may not even have a way to know – which is the biggest sign that its not working. Remember, there is always room for improvement, and these 3 resolutions could really be the key.  If you need help making any of this happen, schedule a Free consultation with us.

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What Facebook’s Latest Change Means For Your Business

Facebook has announced that it will be lowering the amount of “promotional ads” that people see on their news feeds. The company said it is changing the News Feed after customers complained about the number of promotional posts. But that won’t affect the number of ads people see on the site.

In their statement, Facebook clearly says what is considered a “promotional page post”. What many people are claiming though, is this has much more to do with driving ad sales, than user experience. Either way, it will directly effect the way you should utilize the world’s largest Social Network for your business.

Our goal with News Feed has always been to show people the things they want to see. That’s why we often look to people on Facebook to tell us how we can improve. As part of an ongoing survey we asked hundreds of thousands of people how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. People told us they wanted to see more stories from friends and Pages they care about, and less promotional content. – Facebook

Its always been important to engage with your customers. Good marketing is driven by building trust and relationships, which is why Facebook is such a great tool for businesses to utilize. However, many businesses fail in their Social Media Strategy, either by talking too much, too little, or about all the wrong things. This change makes you focus more on the Branding and less on the sale. Of course, there will always be the option to buy an ad when you need to push your latest product, event, etc., but to remain relevant, trustworthy, and engaged with your followers, you will have to adjust the way you use Facebook.

There are many great ways to marketing your business offline, but Internet Marketing remains one of the higher ROI options available. If you want to stay on your followers News Feed, you are gonna have to change the way you communicate.

Offer Valuable Content

The most shared content is the stuff that people find both interesting and relevant to their lives. If all you are sharing is “just got to the store, stop in for a 10% discount today”, then you are missing the point of the conversation. You need to give your followers something they can relate to, something they can receive value from. Tell a story or share a great blog post. This is Content Marketing 101 – Stop making it all about the sale and start giving your followers something they actually care about.

Post Pictures & Videos

People are much more likely to engage with photographs and videos than simple status updates. Basically, if you want engagement and shares, you should be posting more visual content. Don’t abandon status updates all together. They do have value in overall impressions and brand awareness. But photos & videos are the way to go when you are looking for virality and social connectivity.

Want to Advertise, Buy an Ad

This news from Facebook speaks loudly – if you want to advertise, buy an ad. Facebook clearly wants to drive more ad sales. When necessary, give em what they want. The Facebook Ad system works great for targetted marketing, and can show huge ROI for businesses of all sizes. Next time you have a great event to share, or a product discount – throw down a few bucks and make a Facebook Ad.

Some think this change is going to decrese your overall oxposure. Honestly – it might, but only for those that fail to focus on people first. Even with this change, a company that knows how to market themselves properly can see great results. If you need some help along the way, schedule a Free consultation with us.

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